Experience 3 Days of Vacation in 3 Hours!

Welcome to City Magnolia Day Spa of Frederick, Maryland.

Enjoy a warm herbal neck wrap as you sip on refreshing lemon water or your choice of hot herbal teas. Use our private bathroom to change into a deluxe robe and comfy sandals. Relax with a healthy snack in our exclusive Magnolia Room while your therapist prepares your luxury spa treatment.

Every service is on one of our heated tables with music softly playing to completely relax you.

Afterward, take a little extra time for yourself with a warm neck wrap and a fresh glass of lemon water. Take advantage of everything your spa has to offer.


We respect your privacy and understand that the more assured you are that your modesty will be protected, the faster you can relax and the more effectively we can work. That’s why we created an environment that accommodates different levels of privacy. Additionally, all clients are fully draped during their service.

Personal Service

We offer bathrooms with private showers. After your treatment, take advantage of our showers’ toiletries: botanical shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, razors, deodorant, hair products and brushes.

Your First Facial Treatment Experience

If this is your first facial at City Magnolia Day Spa, we allow extra time for thorough consultation and analysis by one of our licensed estheticians. They will work with you to choose the perfect treatment for your skin.

To ensure ultimate relaxation, our facials include moisturizing hand treatments with heated mitts, plus a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Treatment rooms feature heated beds with knee and back support for maximum comfort.

Check out our video below on City Magnolia’s personalized facial treatments.


Your First Massage at the Spa

If this is your first therapeutic massage at City Magnolia Day Spa, we encourage you to observe our recommendations to best prepare your body and mind for recuperative relaxation.

Check out our video below on City Magnolia’s customized massage treatments.


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