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Prepare To Feel Your Best

1. Avoid using exfoliating products.
For at least four days before your facial, don’t apply any exfoliants to your face.

2. Avoid using scrubs.
Acids and retinol products before a facial session may cause your skin to become overly sensitive.

3. Irritated skin? We can reschedule if needed.
If your skin feels irritation or inflammation before your facial appointment at City Magnolia, we’d advise a rescheduling so as not to exacerbate the condition.

4. Be prepared to share your top three skin care concerns.
This is to help the esthetician design a customized spa treatment just for you.

5. Brush your teeth and pop in a breath freshener.
Avoid any unnecessary, stressful, self-conscious, or uncomfortable situations – it’ll help you feel even better.

6. Bring along any skin-care products you’re currently using.
Our licensed estheticians can evaluate your products and may find it helpful to understand your skin better.

7. Don’t change your daily skin-care routine.
We want to see you just as you always are.

8. Arrive with or without makeup.
During the facial, estheticians will remove any excess products as necessary; however, please don’t wear mascara, since it takes longer to be removed.

9. Turn off your phone!
To ensure your best facial experience, and maximize the time spent with your esthetician, it’s important not just to set your phone to vibrate, but to turn your phone off.

After Your Facial Treatment

Afterward, your skin will briefly be sensitive to touch, to the sun, and to other skin-care products. In order to keep that amazing post-facial feeling, do the following:

1. Drink plenty of water.
Staying hydrated will allow you to flush out toxins and will keep your skin glowing even longer.

2. Avoid touching your face.
This risks irritation and bacterial infection.

3. Make sure anything that touches your face is thoroughly cleaned.
Keep your skin clean and healthy longer.

4. Stay out of direct sunlight.
The sun can be damaging to your skin.

5. Avoid makeup.
Putting on makeup blocks your skin’s pores and can result in acne, irritation, and other damage.

6. Maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle.
Eat healthy and balanced meals. Exercise often. Avoid excess sugar and junk foods.

Be positive about life and always smile.

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