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The therapeutic benefits of massage have been known to humankind for millennia. Relieve stress, alleviate tension, relax muscles, and feel amazing with Elite Treatment services only at City Magnolia Day Spa in Frederick.

Ladies (and gentlemen), treat yourself to an hour of pure relaxation and rejuvenation with a professional City Magnolia massage, complete with hot towel, aromatherapy, and essential oil blends…because you are worth it!

Select from our lineup of Elite Treatment Massage & Facial spa packages:

Signature Massage
City Magnolia Gravity Massage
Magnolia Cold Plasma Facial
Tension Relief Massage
Micro-Resurfacing Treatment with Oxygen Mask
Ultimate Rejuvenating Facial

Call City Magnolia Luxurious Day Spa at 301-874-0031 with any questions about our Elite Treatments and other luxury spa services. We also invite you to see us at 8927 Fingerboard Road in Frederick MD, off Urbana Parkway in the heart of central Maryland. We’re nearby and easy to find – but you’ll feel like you’re taking a vacation at the spa in just a few hours.

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