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Price: $163 - 80 min
$140 - 60 min
$82 - 30 min

Ideal for the athlete, weekend warrior or mom-on-the-go, our Deep Tissue Massage treatment uses firm pressure to deeply massage tired, sore muscle tissue and release tension – no matter how long it’s been pent up in there.

You’ll find flexibility increased, movement easier and more fluid, and muscular tightness abated. Deep-tissue massage techniques by City Magnolia’s professional therapists may also help circulation, healing from injury and recovery from workouts.

Get the relief you deserve. Call City Magnolia Luxurious Day Spa of Frederick at 301-874-0031, or drop by our fashionable, clean, brightly lit spa facility at 8927 Fingerboard Road, Frederick, MD. Or reserve your therapeutic massage treatment session with the Book Now link below.


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