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Price: $504 - Four 60 min Treatments
$632 - Four 80 min Treatments
$784 - Seven 60 min Treatments
$913 - Seven 80 min Treatments

Pain’s no good. Pain is your body’s indication that something is not right. Pain needs to be treated, and chronic pain must be managed well in order to maintain a high quality of life.

City Magnolia’s Chronic Pain Management Plan is designed to do just that.

We apply the techniques of Deep-Tissue Massage to alleviate severe pain of the foot, knee, back, shoulder or neck. Over the course of several massage sessions, you’ll find yourself popping fewer painkiller pills and feeling noticeably better.

Our Chronic Pain Management Plan works best in a series of customized appointments, the frequency of which is tailored to your personal needs.

Tell your chronic pain where to get off. Set up your next pain-reduction session at City Magnolia Luxurious Day Spa by calling 301-874-0031 or by visiting our clean, bright, comfortable spa at 8927 Fingerboard Road off Urbana Parkway in Frederick, Maryland.

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