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Excited? When a woman is expecting a child, there’s no greater source of excitement and anticipation. It’s vitally important to maintain an unstressful lifestyle as much as possible to help ensure a successful pregnancy and a healthy bundle of new-baby joy.

Count on the licensed massage therapists at City Magnolia Luxurious Day Spa to perform soothing, therapeautic Prenatal Massage. We use a variety of essential oils applied specifically to reduce pregnancy-related discomforts, offered in a comfortable setting for true relaxation. While you are nurturing, we are pampering.

Disclaimer: To ensure your complete safety, we accept terms only starting from 13 weeks.

Get your massage for two. Call 301-874-0031, visit 8927 Fingerboard Road, Frederick, Maryland, or reserve your appointment for spa services through the Book Now box below.

You Will Really Feel Cared About At City Magnolia Day Spa.

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